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Eric Bassett 30-Minute Xpressway Workout – No Red Lights!


EB30X is an expressway workout and fitness studio designed to sculpt your body and burn 500+ calories in half the time it takes in the gym. Eric Bassett is an experienced trainer of 20 plus years and founder/CEO of EB30X. He has developed this exercise regimen to transform the fitness industry and challenge people worldwide to raise their standard of fitness and healthy living. The workout routines will help you lose weight and build muscle so you can achieve your best look yet. EB30X also increases your athletic capability to help you give better performance in any sport or recreational activity you engage in. 

The philosophy is based on:


5 Keys to Successful Weight Loss

    • Realistic Goals
    • Clean Eating
    • Exercise
    • Consistency
    • Patience


This proven philosophy has changed the lives of many thanks to Eric’s dedication and passion in helping people achieve their fitness goals with the help of “The Beast Line.” We will help you stay motivated while providing a fun and energetic workout environment. 

All fitness levels welcome!!!!!!!!!!!

EB30X Fitness is for people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels who are looking to change their lives and sculpt their bodies to new levels. Each client receives personal attention by a qualified and dedicated fitness team to ensure the best possible workout. The team was handpicked and trained by Eric himself. 

Get started today and begin your journey toward a better body and a better life!