Fitness Programs

EB30X has several programs available to help you reach your fitness goals and elevate your body to new levels:

Group Training

This 30-minute session involves tons of compound and explosive exercises that will have your heart jumping out of your body to burn fat at a rapid pace! This is a high-intensity interval training that combines Calisthenics and body weight exercises with Cardio, Plyometrics (jump training), and strength training. Group training provides a fun environment with camaraderie to help you push yourself harder.

Personal Training                                                                                                 

This is a personalized training program designed to meet your personal goals and target trouble spots you would like to see transformed.  In these one-on-one sessions, the trainers provide coaching, motivation, and accountability to improve your health and ensure fitness progression. All attendees who sign up for personal training receive a complete health assessment and consultation.

Circuit/Inline Circuit Training

In this segment, you will master the use of the Box Jump, Rope, Slam Ball, and other strengthening exercises to help you get stronger and increase agility, flexibility, and endurance.

Water Rowing

When it comes to achieving body-sculpting benefits, indoor water rowing is in a class of its own. A 50-minute water rowing class can burn 1000-1200 calories; twice as many as spinning classes. It also allows you to work 84% of your muscle mass- more than any other exercise at the same time.


Every stroke requires you to work your calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, abs, obliques, pecs, biceps, triceps, deltoids, upper back, and lats. Each rep is essentially a leg press, dead lift, and a row that occur simultaneously. Because, you’re working every muscle group in your body, your heart rate is elevated. This is important because the heart is the most important muscle in the body.
Water rowing is also great for targeting core muscles; easing back ailments; relieving stress on injury-prone areas such as the ankles, knees, and hips; and improving your posture, joint health, and flexibility.